How did Hokota mayor's story and Japanese news media report?

This blog is a topic of the governor press conference held in the Ibaraki Prefectural government on March 20.

After the story of spinach comes out, Ibaraki Prefecture that feared the rumor has been disclosing information more than always.
However, the desire is not seen by the Japanese news media that takes it up.

The remark summary of the press conference that becomes a point is open to the public in HP of Ibaraki Prefecture.
Because everything cannot be excerpted, only the remark part of the mayor is enumerated.

Remark summary at governor press conference(Ibaraki Prefecture HP)
The mayor of Hokota Onizawa: It is Onizawa of the Hokota mayor. I ..condolence.. visit it in there is damage for this large earthquake. However, we halberd rice field cities are actually stricken areas. One person resident dies, and being injured also comes. And, most citizens are more or less receiving damage. Eagerness said that electricity passes so, water service passes, and it holds out all has come out. Because figure of this spinach came out at such time

In our city, agriculture is very important industry. It actually suffered serious damage by the harmful rumor by 1999 at the accident of JCO though the figure of spinach came out so yesterday. There was not most influences in crops. However, there was a disposal case up to the one that preceded, and was safe to report, too. This time, I want to ask for ..such energy [gaderu].. report by all means even if this is strongly reported when entering among standards for public relations basing this figure of today, and we halberd rice field citizens revive energetically in the future.

The story that the sweet potato had returned from a certain market today was actually heard. The sweet potato was harvested last autumn, and enters the building though might already be an agreement you. It is sold to wash it. Detection is not done no matter how it examines it. It returns as such by a kind of harmful rumor. My best regards because of thinking when it is very welcome.

I was allowed to quote it long by considering feelings of the Hokota citizens to whom the Hokota mayor and the sweet potato were returned from the market.

The mass communication that questions is Tokyo Shimbun, Joyo Newspaper Publishing, Ibaraki Newspapers, TBS, the Sankei Shimbun, Kyodo News Service, and NHK according to the remark summary. Because Joyo Newspaper Publishing's article that the scale has given the site small is few, the verification from here will be excluded. Moreover, because the Ibaraki Newspapers Co. also had already told the mayor's remark by reporting twitter promptly, it decided to exclude it.

For your information, twitter of the Ibaraki Newspapers Co. is quoted.
@ibarakishimbun Ibaraki Newspapers Co.
Hokota mayor "In JCO, a big harmful rumor was received. It abandoned it to the safe one. I want you of the report to report it strongly in the standard it. "
@ibarakishimbun Ibaraki Newspapers Co.
Hokota mayor"The one that the one that had been harvested last year was shipped by the harmful rumor has returned to the sweet potato. "
@ibarakishimbun Ibaraki Newspapers Co.
Governor interview. (Spinach from Hokota lines up on governor and Hokota mayor's desks with the bag. )

I judge that these three articles that the Ibaraki Newspapers Co. are effective for the rumor measures.
In a word, the mass communication that doesn't report on this is only mass waste that throws a free false rumor.
It is not an exaggeration to say to connive at the rumor, and to exist on the scattered side on the contrary.
Then, how much mass communications reported on this valuable remark is taken up.
It was only Mainichi Shimbun and Tokyo Shimbun that took up even the rumor as long as I examined it on the net when previously saying from the conclusion.

First, it is Mainichi Shimbun. I introduce it because there was an article also in the website though I read by the morning newspaper article.
A East Japan great earthquake: It is value /Ibaraki in radioactive iodine Takahagi from the spinach of the greenhouse cultivation high by one.
Mayor Onizawa similarly points out the situation in which the harmful rumor is extending during the critical accident that got up in uranium processing plant "Jay See [o-] (JCO)" Tokai office of 1999 this time. The caution was felt increasing , saying that "There is a case where the sweet potato of the same city production that had been harvested last autumn returns from the market, too".
The talk is beautifully settled though I want you to apply it to finding if it writes here without mentioning it.
Therefore, Mainichi Shimbun recognizes the mass communication the Ibaraki report.

Second, it is Tokyo Shimbun. It questioned on this governor press conference best as a manager company.
[Ru] of times under article tentative restriction values other than radioactive substance inspection spinach of vegetable
Prefectural governor of Ibaraki Hashimoto : in the interview. The receipt refusal etc. start even from the vegetables other than spinach. I want parties concerned to understand. It spoke. The Yasuhei Onizawa mayor in Hokota City that was the productive center of the vegetable also sat and it was appealed, "It wants the harmful rumor to be prevented being repeated".
The quality of the article falls when seeing from Ibaraki Newspapers and Mainichi Shimbun for a moment. Oh dear, it is recognized the mass communication.

It disqualifies because of here, and it becomes mass waste. However, only TBS is taken up as next mark.

"It is farmer perplexed by spinach from Ibaraki and the voluntary restraint of the shipment. " News i. - Animation news site of TBS
Ibaraki Prefecture is requesting the municipality and Nokyo in the prefecture to control the shipment of all the spinachs harvested inside a prefecture voluntarily until safety is confirmed, and Nokyo in the Takahagi city has been discontinuing sales of spinach since the morning of the 20th.

"The consumer goes in the direction doesn't eat even though there is no influence on the human body. " (JA Ibaraki lamplight head of representative director Minoru Okoshi union). The farmer is a harsh blow. Though it only has not to reach all the vegetables"(salesman)

It is assumed that governor Hashimoto in Ibaraki Prefecture is not harmful to health even if it eats 15 grams spinach where the radioactive substance is detected 1 year and every day this time.

It is uncertain whether the viewer obtains correct knowledge even if this is said on the television. Moreover, it doesn't touch going out of the harmful rumor already at all.
And, neither the Sankei Shimbun, Kyodo News Service nor NHK including TBS took up the rumor problem of Hokota City that had gone out to have a press conference of the Prefectural governor.

It is uncertain whether the viewer obtains correct knowledge even if this is said on the television. Moreover, it doesn't touch going out of the harmful rumor already at all.
And, neither the Sankei Shimbun, Kyodo News Service nor NHK including TBS took up the rumor problem of Hokota City that had gone out to have a press conference of the Prefectural governor.